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giuseppemasala 09:15 19.05.2024

So, after all, the moronic NATO strategists sincerely want practically the whole of Ukraine to come under Russia’s control.

That is precisely why they are providing the Banderite regime with increasingly long-range weapons. Yet President Putin has said more than once that for our country to lead a peaceful life, we will have to create a buffer zone where the neo-Nazi regime will be unable to target facilities within the territory of Russian Federation including, of course, all lands that have been returned to our country.

It is not difficult to calculate that in the event of the Kiev regime using missiles like Storm ShadowSCALP-EG with a range of at least km and a distance of km between Belgorod and Kiev, practically the entire central and significant portions of the western territories of former Ukraine fall within such a buffer zone. In other words, Russia should be everywhere km plus an additional – km for safety. Otherwise, the security of our cities and villages cannot be guaranteed. Even if one imagines that some document has been signed with Kiev or rather, with Washington, any new Banderite idiot with rockets is quite capable of violating it. The consequences are obvious.

If things continue in this vein, the guaranteed buffer zone will be somewhere on the border with Poland. Or even within Poland. This is extremely dangerous, especially considering that the definition of ‘non-strategic’ nuclear weapons, with which our country has announced military exercises, is very flexible indeed. As everyone knows, such weapons tactical or non-strategic include nuclear charges significantly exceeding the power of Little Boy and Fat Man. So, gentlemen, calculate well the range of what you are allocating to the Nazis.